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Reiki Jin Kei Do Level 3 (A)

Course Price

Varies by country.

Course length

16 hours approx. across two days.

Reiki Jin Kei Do Level 3 (A)


Steve Gooch

Steve Gooch is the author of Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion & Wisdom and Mindfulness Meditation & The Art of Reiki and is a regular freelance writer on the subject of mindfulness meditation, Qi Gong, Reiki, and wellbeing in general. He is a Breathworks certified mindfulness meditation teacher and has been teaching mindfulness and Reiki for the past twenty-four years. Steve founded both Reiki Jin Kei Do UK and Reiki Jin Kei Do International, was the editor of the short-lived magazine Focus: The Journal of Reiki Jin Kei Do UK, and has taught meditation, Qi Gong, and Reiki in the UK, Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Lithuania and regularly receives requests to teach in other countries. He is also a noted artist with work in collections around the world.

About the course

Whether you are planning to become a teacher of Reiki or not, this class provides you with further tools to deepen your connection to the universal energy field and extend your abilities with Reiki, both as a spiritual practice and as a healing therapy.

The 3A class is the start of the teacher training and covers all of the personal self-development material contained within the teaching level. It also contains extra material applicable to giving Reiki treatments to yourself and others and it extends and deepens the mindfulness meditation practice requirements of Reiki Jin Kei Do through an exploration of the Brahma Vihara practice and the Six Point meditation. Students are encouraged to take their mindfulness practice into their daily lives. This class can be taken as a stand-alone without the need to commit to the full teacher’s level but is also a pre-requisite for those wishing to go on to teach others.

The class includes:
Further exploration of the history of Reiki and the Lineage of Reiki Jin Kei Do.
The Master attunement is given which increases the vibration of all seven major chakras.
A deeper look into the nature of spirituality and a personal commitment to this journey.
Teacher-level meditation instruction is given utilizing the body’s subtle energy system.
Additional self-treatment positions are taught and practiced.
Marma point work is given for the treatment of others with practice undertaken.
The deeper meaning of the 2nd Degree symbols is covered along with a deeper exploration of their use in meditation.
The Master symbol is given along with its meaning and use for personal healing and spiritual growth.
Four special breathing methods are taught to increase sensitivity to energy flow and to increase energy focus. These prepare the student for the work of Stage Two (3B) in the giving of attunements to others.
MindCheck 3 is taught.
Extra meditation methods are given to support vipassana practice: Standing, walking, sitting meditation.
Brahma vihara meditation practice is introduced.

The Master's attunement in Reiki Jin Kei Do is a lengthy and incredibly powerful process. Unlike 1st and 2nd Level it is not possible to complete the attunements in the class itself and they must be performed sometime before. To attune each student can take about an hour and occasionally a little longer.I like to do the attunements in the week prior to the start of the 3A class if possible but they can take place before this.

Receiving the Master's attunement is to make a big commitment to yourself and to others, whether as a practitioner of Reiki or as a teacher. The empowerment given at the end of the attunement to those who have committed to the full teacher's level is the energetic permission to pass on the teachings of the lineage.

You must have taken training in Reiki Jin Kei Do Levels 1 and 2 to take this course.

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