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The system of Reiki is based, in part, on the practice, philosophy, and theory of Qi Gong. In the lineage of Reiki Jin Kei Do, this practice is introduced as an integral part of the method from the very earliest stage of training. It begins with a practice called The Seven Purifying and Strengthening Breaths. This is to help develop awareness and sensitivity to the flow of energy which is a natural part of the practice of Reiki.  


The energy cultivation work within the discipline of Qi Gong comes into its own however within the Buddho system. The Chi Nadi form that is taught within Buddho is unique to this method and appears not to be known in any other context. Chi Nadi is a powerful, esoteric Buddhist practice that draws on the energy generated within the Buddho meditation itself, strengthening the energy field, utilizing it for mind/body healing, developing the practice of mindful awareness, and encouraging greater sensitivity to the sensations of energy throughout the body. In Chi Nadi, we learn to guide the energy through the use of focused awareness, mantra, yantra, and specific body movements through the various energy channels of the body (nadis). A powerful vajra-field is created within the practice.

Energy Cultivation

Chi Nadi is form, form is emptiness.

When we can practice Qi Gong, and Chi Nadi in particular, alongside the energy healing aspects of Reiki, our whole being can enter into a state of flow with the universal energy field. The mind is drawn inwards, becoming absorbed into a deep meditative state and eventually experiencing the stillness and bliss of emptiness.



Qi Gong is a powerful internal energy/alchemical process in its own right but all of its benefits are considerably enhanced with the practice of Reiki and Buddho.


The first principle in the cultivation of energy is that where energy flows smoothly, health, happiness and wellbeing follow. When the same energy is restricted, illness, stress and turmoil follow.

Here is an exercise to help you cultivate your own energy:

  • Rub your hands together, making sure to rub the centres of the palms against each other. You should feel a strong heat or tingling.

  • Hold your hands apart as if cupping a small a ball between them. You should be able to fee the Qi in the form of heat or tingling forming a ball of energy between your hands.

  • Breathe deeply into your belly and as you do this get a sense of the energy ball between your hands expanding. Let your hands drift apart.

  • As you breathe out, concentrate the energy ball as if you were squeezing it between your hands.

  • Then repeat the above several times as you breathe in and out. You should start to feel a strong sensation of energy building up between your hands.

  • Now take the ball of energy and push it into your abdomen (hara in Japanese or Dan T'ien in Chinese).

  • Sit or stand quietly with your focus on your abdomen and with your hands in place over this area and allow the energy to nourish your whole body.

When the mind moves, energy follows. When the mind follows the energy, the energy increases.


In cultivating our energy and aligning with the flow of universal life force energy, we start to live mindfully in the present moment and thus detach from patterns of stress and cultivate a state of perpetual joy.

Our practice leads to the awareness of smooth energy flow and a sense of warmth throughout the body, a feeling of fullness, a tingling and a general state of happiness and well-being.

If you want to maximise your abilities in Reiki, then study Qigong and learn Buddho. These are the keys to the enhancement of understanding and the ability to work with subtle energy.


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