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Beyond Reiki as a simple hands-on therapy. Deepen your understanding of the true spiritual depths of the system with my latest books.

From the back cover:

Turbo-charge your manifesting ability by applying Reiki to the Law of Attraction!

Reiki is the Universal Energy that the Law of Attraction calls upon!

The Law of Attraction requires you to believe that the Universe will deliver on whatever it is you wish to manifest, whether that be a new relationship, a stack of cash in the bank, a better job, a new car, or perhaps a life of travel and adventure. Why not ramp that up to a whole new level, and change 'believing' into 'knowing'?


Reiki, when it manifests in your hands, is the direct, unquestionable proof of the existence of Universal Energy. And as any good Reiki Practitioner will tell you: Miracles Happen around Reiki! Reiki is far more than a simple hands-on healing therapy.

Adding Universal Energy into every manifestation process is one of the easiest ways to boost the Law of Attraction and massively increase the chances of your goals becoming realities. When your goals are aligned with significantly speed up their realization, ensuring the outcome is for your highest good and for others in your life. 


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From the back cover:

Beyond the concept of energy healing, the system of Reiki was engineered as a powerful spiritual development practice built on the bedrock of mindfulness meditation. Unpacking the esoteric Buddhist heart of the practice, this book will guide you to a more fulfilling, healthy and spiritually dynamic life by showing you how to approach the system from a mindfulness perspective. New information and insights into the methods, mechanics and philosophy of Reiki make this an essential read for anyone interested in the system's original purpose. As Reiki comes under increasing scrutiny over its health-supportive characteristics, now is the time to shine a light on its symbiotic relationship with mindfulness practice in helping to alleviate the suffering of the human condition.


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From the back cover:

Reiki Jin Kei Do (the way of compassion and wisdom through Reiki) contains the secret Indian/Tibetan teachings that the enigmatic Zen monk, Seiji Takamori, received from the recluse monks with whom he studied. These teachings were passed on as the system now known as Buddho-EnerSense. This contains not only the Buddho meditation that was the key to Usui's initiation by the energy of the universe, the power of the Godhead, but also the true origins and meaning of the Reiki symbols. It is the backbone of the secular Reiki system and is the source of the teachings within Reiki Jin Kei Do that are explored in this book.


RJKD Book Cover

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