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5 Ways to Connect with Abundance

One of the reasons I put my new book, Manifesting Abundance with Reiki, out there was because I believe passionately that we should all connect to our natural state of abundance. Abundance is not something that other people have a right to, but we don’t. It’s the common birthright of us all. When we connect to abundance, our lives can become truly spectacular. A high-energy life is so much better than a drudge through one problem after another in a never-ending spiral of “Can my life get much worse?”

I’m often asked what the healing discipline of Reiki has to do with abundance. Well, let’s dump this whole ‘energy-healing’ thing in the bin first. Reiki is a great method of energy healing, but personally, I couldn’t care less about that and it’s not why I practice or teach it. Reiki is bigger, better, and more expansive than this tiny, limited version of it that most people make such a hoo-ha about.

Reiki is about truly and deeply connecting with your highest purpose in life. When we use Reiki in the way that it’s supposed to be used: to accelerate, amplify, and turbo-charge life on all levels of being, a tornado of positive energy is created that impacts literally everything around you, including your health. Healing just happens when we’re in that high-energy state. Miracles happen on all levels, we just need to know how to spot them.

When we connect to abundance from a place of high energy, anything becomes possible. This is why I wrote the book, which is in fact a supplement to my live Manifesting Abundance with Reiki workshop.

Without giving too much of the content away, here are my five favourite methods of integrating Reiki into your abundance practice:

1/ This is the most important: You are going to get nowhere from a place of low energy. Ramp it up. Fire it up. Get powerful and fill your life with radiant bliss. There are a lot of ways you can create this high-energy state. One of them is to give yourself a Reiki treatment every day without fail. Just do it. Most Reiki practitioners don’t bother with this, focusing on ‘healing’ others instead. Bad move and a stupid one. Build your energy first and people naturally tend to be affected in a positive way just because you’re in the same space as them.

2/ Litter your vision boards with Reiki symbols. Especially symbol 1. Before you stick anything else down, draw symbol 1, the Cho-Ku-Rei, all over it. This itself will help to bring in a powerful stream of positive energy that will immediately affect whatever else you stick to your vision board.

3/ Meditate on symbol 2 to clear any mental or emotional blockages to abundance in your life. Draw it out on a piece of A4 paper or card, nice and big, and place it out in front of you about 2 feet away. Then just rest your gaze on it for 2 or 3 minutes. You’re not trying to do anything with it or ‘feel the energy’. Just sit and gaze at it. Then close your eyes and bring the image of the symbol into your inner vision and hold it there for another 2 or 3 minutes. The timing isn’t critical, and you can sit for longer with it if you wish.

4/ When repeating affirmations, load your breath with Reiki. You didn’t know you could do that? You can. Simply have the conscious intention that the energy is accumulating in your mouth. You can even put a symbol in there also if you wish. Symbol 1 works well. Then as you speak, the energy - the energy of creation – is transmitted outwards with the words that you are saying. Loading your breath with Reiki helps to empower and amplify the effect of your affirmations.

5/ Do a self-love meditation. This really links into the first method and helps to build your energy profile. But more than this, how do you expect to be abundant if you have a bad relationship with yourself? You need to change this. Start by sitting each day and as you breathe in and out, visualise yourself as being filled with love and compassion, and appreciation, radiating out from your heart centre. Keep doing this every day and start to feel the difference it makes to your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. This is the road to connect to abundance.

So, there are five simple methods for you to get going in using Reiki to help boost your manifesting ability. If you’d like to know more and take a deep dive into the relationship between Reiki and the Law of Attraction, then pick up a copy of my new book, Manifesting Abundance with Reiki and if you’d like some personal live coaching in this method, keep a check on my courses page for the next presentation of the live class.

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