Buddho Meditation Night

Starting on 30th June 2021 and ongoing every Wednesday evening from then on, Buddho Meditation Night for those who have trained in the Buddho system at Level 1.

Each week we will get together to practice the first three cycles of the Buddho meditation - the meditation that informed Mikao Usui's development of the modern secular Reiki system back in the 1920s. This meditation was rediscovered by Seiji Takamori and passed on to Dr Ranga Premaratna who disseminated this teaching around the world.

This is a powerful esoteric Buddhist practice and many have asked for guidance on this meditation, so here it is.

You can find the details by checking out the event on my Facebook page here:

Buddho Meditation Night

Those of you that were trained by other teachers in this system, please supply evidence of training when you apply to join.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the online event soon!

Update on 15th July 2021:

There is now more information on Buddho Night on its own dedicated website page and also a new group for those who are interested in attending.

Currently, I am sending out invite links via multiple WhatsApp accounts, FB messenger and Instagram messenger, so the group brings that all together and makes life a lot easier for everyone, especially me! So please do join the group if you are intending to come along and do check out the new page linked above.

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