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How to Use Reiki with the Law of Attraction

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

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In the last post, we looked at how mindfulness meditation can help you in achieving your goals when applied to the Law of Attraction. This week we ask, “Can you use Reiki with the Law of Attraction to help you achieve your goals?” Yes, you can, and I’ll show you how. By dissolving any blocks that you might have to receive abundance in your life, you can begin to build your perfect life.

The only barrier to success is your commitment to doing the practice. The more you do it, the more you move into a state of flow and the more the universe responds.

But what is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the principle that the circumstances, situations, things, and relationships in your life are the direct creation of your thoughts, feelings, and energy that you put out into the universe.

Imagine that you want to order some stuff online. You decide what it is you want, click on it, pay the money and place the order. The company delivers (hopefully) what you have ordered. They don’t judge you or label you as good or bad, giving out rewards or punishments, and you get exactly what you asked for. The universe does the same thing. It receives your order in the form of energy and delivers on it. You don’t get things that you don’t deserve and there is nothing unfair about it. What you request is what you receive.

The good news is that simply by changing the energy of what you put out, you can change the circumstances of your life and draw in new, more positive things. Like attracts like. Just by changing your mindset and putting out positive thoughts, words, and feelings around the things you want to manifest, positive results are bound to come.

There are some things you need to consider to make the process work well. The biggest problems with working with the Law of Attraction are:

Guy in red jumper against blue wall with fists clenched in a feeling of success. His eyes are closed and head raised.

1/ The little voice inside our heads that is filled with all our fears and self-limiting beliefs keeps reaffirming why we can’t achieve something or have what we want in our lives.

2/ We need to remember that whatever the circumstances of our lives are, this is just a projection of the energy that we are putting out. We should remember that we are the only person responsible for everything that happens to us and the emotional state that we find ourselves in. Those of you that learned MindCheck during your Reiki training will understand this very well. Praising ourselves is fine when things are going well but we need to avoid blaming others when things are not going so well. The Law of Attraction is constantly at work even if we are not aware of it. It makes no distinction between good and bad, positive or negative, deserving or undeserving (nor should we if we have been doing our meditation properly).

So how do we use Reiki to help us in working with the Law of Attraction?

1/ Firstly, we need to set clear, well-structured goals. This might be something for the week ahead or for much longer. It might be a mini-goal or something much more significant.

2/ Now we are going to apply Reiki to it. This is going to help with manifesting itself as well as clearing away any obstacles to our success. Both of these things, well-known Reiki techniques, are going to help us manifest much faster than otherwise.

So, let’s get going and ask ourselves what it is that we actually want to manifest. Firstly, decide on your timeframe. If you are aiming to manifest a big goal, then it’s a good idea to break it down into more manageable chunks. Set mini-goals, that you can realise daily, weekly or monthly. Then once you have that set, follow this process and do it for every new aspect or phase of the goal that comes up. Keep on going until you are exactly where you want to be, and the goal is achieved.

Step 1: Close your eyes and think about your week ahead. What things would you love to do or achieve this week that would leave you with a glowing sense of satisfaction? Simply deciding that you want to have a good week is vague and ambiguous. Try to be more precise.

'Passion Led Us Here' written on the pavement.

Step 2: Make sure that whatever your goal is, it is framed positively, not negatively. Saying something like “I don’t want my kids to misbehave this week,” isn’t going to work. The universe only sees energy. It doesn’t recognise negatives. What is also important, alongside making sure you phrase your desire positively is that you also phrase it in the present tense. For instance, “My kids are behaving perfectly in accordance with the way I am bringing them up. I love them and they love me and respect the boundaries that I have set.” Our desire is now focused on getting what we want, rather than its opposite and its phrased as if it already exists.

Our goal is now impregnated with positive energy, ownership and a belief in our ability to realise this goal. Very importantly, it takes our desire out of the distant, maybe future, and anchors it firmly in the present. The present is the only reality that exists, after all. The future hasn’t happened, and for us time-bound mortals, we can only ever be in the present.

Step 3: Don’t worry about how your goal is going to manifest. “Just for today, do not worry.” We all know this statement, again set in the present from our Reiki training. When we worry about something we add that energy to the process. Worry can give way to disbelief or prevarication over what our goal is. All of this is going to slow down the manifesting process or maybe even stop it. Trust yourself. Trust your vision and reaffirm your belief in yourself.

We can never know how things are going to work out and what complex coming together of circumstances must happen to deliver what we have asked for. As Reiki practitioners, however, we should be used to seeing how Reiki does this as a matter of course. All sorts of bizarre seeming-impossibilities come together in what appears to be a random flow of circumstances to bring about startling results that we could never have imagined. As a Reiki teacher, I see this all the time.

The best thing we can do in manifesting our goals is to be truly clear about what it is we want, give it Reiki and let it go, knowing that the universe is responding powerfully to the energy that we have put out in a way that we could never have imagined.

A note of sensibleness

Don’t aim for totally impossible goals. Aiming to be ready for the Toure de France by the end of the week when you haven’t been on a bicycle since you were a child is not going to happen and don’t aim for things that are fundamentally unhealthy, like being the town’s champion at the annual pie-eating competition (why do people do such things?).

Start with a plan that you can work towards. If you want to own your dream house, start by aiming to see a financial advisor by the end of the week or go over your finances and make some calculations of what you need and by when. Every moment holds the potential for positive forward movement. Big goals manifest because of the coming together of many smaller goals.

Step 4: Always be open to something even better than what you had aimed to manifest. Always include in your goal statement something like “This or something even better.” This keeps us in the flow and doesn’t limit what the universe wants to offer us. Maybe what we have asked for is less than what the universe wishes to deliver. Be open to something else or something better, or something more.

When you can set clear positive and present-focused goals that are attainable and you are not in the worrying mode about how they are going to manifest and are leaving the window open for even greater success, you are amplifying your energy as it goes out as a request to the universe.

So, let’s send this some Reiki.

View across some fields and hills in summer.

Sending Reiki to our goals is going to powerfully remove whatever blocks are there to manifest what it is we want. What’s more, because of the way Reiki works, whatever you manifest is going to naturally be for your highest good and for the highest good of all those around you.

1/ Get yourself an index card or a piece of paper and write down your goal, in the present tense and framed positively. If you have a long list of goals for the week or month, you can write them all down in a long list. If you have big goals, break them down and send Reiki to your mini-goals. Just in writing down your goals, you are already starting to put energy behind this.

2/ Now draw the symbols over the index card in the order 3, 2, 1. The distant symbol (symbol 3) is helping us to connect to our goal beyond time and space. The mental/emotional healing symbol (symbol 2) is working on whatever deeply held conscious and subconscious patterns we have that might prevent us from achieving our goal. The power symbol (symbol 1) is turbo-charging the whole process.

4/ Hold the index card in your hands and let Reiki energy flow to it. You can do the Reiki mantra if you were taught this but importantly, keep yourself out of the way of the process. Once we start with Reiki, it’s important to drop our intentions and let the energy do whatever it needs to do. It doesn’t need our input at this point. The worst thing you can do with Reiki is to try and force it or make it do something. This just blocks the flow of energy. Sit with the card between your hands and do this process for about ten minutes each day for as many days as you wish.

5/ Give yourself Reiki every day. You really need to boost your own energy and get yourself into a positive mental state to receive what you have asked for. It’s hard to get yourself into a manifesting mindset until you can disrupt the energy patterns in your life that have held you back this long. Self-Reiki gets the flow of vital life-force energy flowing in and around you very powerfully, thus raising your vibration and bringing you into alignment with the universal energy field. To get you to this state, healing on all levels needs to take place.

As well as doing daily self-Reiki try to fix your diet, exercise more, meditate… do whatever it takes to raise your vibration. The higher you vibrate, the more the universe notices that vibration and responds to it.

6/ Keep a daily gratitude journal. Make a note of the things that you are grateful for that come into your life every day. Spend some time each day visualising and filling the goal that you are trying to manifest with positive energy. If your goal is to go and visit Bali for instance, spend some time visualising and imagining what it will be like on the flight. Think about the hotels and the food and what you will do whilst you are there. Really try to capture the excitement of the visit. Whilst doing this, send Reiki to your visualisations.

So that’s it. How to use Reiki with the Law of Attraction. Good luck in manifesting your heart’s desire for your highest good, always.

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