How to Use Reiki with the Law of Attraction

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In the last post, we looked at how mindfulness meditation can help you in achieving your goals when applied to the Law of Attraction. This week we ask, “Can you use Reiki with the Law of Attraction to help you achieve your goals?” Yes, you can, and I’ll show you how. By dissolving any blocks that you might have to receive abundance in your life, you can begin to build your perfect life.

The only barrier to success is your commitment to doing the practice. The more you do it, the more you move into a state of flow and the more the universe responds.

But what is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the principle that the circumstances, situations, things, and relationships in your life are the direct creation of your thoughts, feelings, and energy that you put out into the universe.

Imagine that you want to order some stuff online. You decide what it is you want, click on it, pay the money and place the order. The company delivers (hopefully) what you have ordered. They don’t judge you or label you as good or bad, giving out rewards or punishments, and you get exactly what you asked for. The universe does the same thing. It receives your order in the form of energy and delivers on it. You don’t get things that you don’t deserve and there is nothing unfair about it. What you request is what you receive.

The good news is that simply by changing the energy of what you put out, you can change the circumstances of your life and draw in new, more positive things. Like attracts like. Just by changing your mindset and putting out positive thoughts, words, and feelings around the things you want to manifest, positive results are bound to come.

There are some things you need to consider to make the process work well. The biggest problems with working with the Law of Attraction are:

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1/ The little voice inside our heads that is filled with all our fears and self-limiting beliefs keeps reaffirming why we can’t achieve something or have what we want in our lives.

2/ We need to remember that whatever the circumstances of our lives are, this is just a projection of the energy that we are putting out. We should remember that we are the only person responsible for everything that happens to us and the emotional state that we find ourselves in. Those of you that learned MindCheck during your Reiki training will understand this very well. Praising ourselves is fine when things are going well but we need to avoid blaming others when things are not going so well. The Law of Attraction is constantly at work even if we are not aware of it. It makes no distinction between good and bad, positive or negative, deserving or undeserving (nor should we if we have been doing our meditation properly).

So how do we use Reiki to help us in working with the Law of Attraction?

1/ Firstly, we need to set clear, well-structured goals. This might be something for the week ahead or for much longer. It might be a mini-goal or something much more significant.

2/ Now we are going to apply Reiki to it. This is going to help with manifesting itself as well as clearing away any obstacles to our success. Both of these things, well-known Reiki techniques, are going to help us manifest much faster than otherwise.

So, let’s get going and ask ourselves what it is that we actually want to manifest. Firstly, decide on your timeframe. If you are aiming to manifest a big goal, then it’s a good idea to break it down into more manageable chunks. Set mini-goals, that you can realise daily, weekly or monthly. Then once you have that set, follow this process and do it for every new aspect or phase of the goal that comes up. Keep on going until you are exactly where you want to be, and the goal is achieved.