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Manifesting Abundance with Reiki

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Man with arms wide feeling abundant and successful

Manifesting Abundance with Reiki is really a no-brainer. One of the primary teachings within the Law of Attraction is that the universe has your back and is the active force in bringing about the manifestation of your desires.

A lot of people struggle with this concept: how can the Universe (spiritual/divine energy/God/Universal Intelligence) manifest a new car or job or amazing relationship? How is that even possible?

Whilst there is good solid science behind almost every aspect of the Law of Attraction (gratitude practices, using affirmations and visualizations, thinking positive thoughts, moving powerfully in the direction of your goal, and getting into a state of flow), the idea that the Universe is just going to deliver is, from a scientific and rational point of view, the one weak link in the whole philosophy. There is just no concrete evidence that some unseen universal energetic force is going to actively make happen in your life, what it is you want to happen.

This is where we need to turn to Reiki. Now, for sure, many people think Reiki is on par with the Law of Attraction in its mumbo-jumbo-ness. I won’t argue with that on many fronts. There is a lot of nonsense written and taught about the system of Reiki around the world, but at its most basic level of efficacy, there is no denying, at least amongst people who are sensitive to subtle energy, that there is a powerful and demonstrably obvious manifestation of Universal Energy at the palms and perhaps in other parts of the body following the receiving of the Reiki initiation from a qualified teacher.

The energy that manifests at the palms is Reiki energy, and the word ‘Reiki’ means Universal Life Force Energy. It is, in fact, the energetic manifestation of the Universal Intelligence sitting at the heart of the Law of Attraction. It’s the same thing.

When the Law of Attraction requires you to believe in that the Universe will deliver on your wishes, it can sometimes be hard to muster the level of belief required. But with the realization of that very same energy at the palms, the requirement for belief in its existence and its ability to manifest is… well, there’s your evidence. Anyone that has worked with Reiki as a healing therapy will be able to testify to its ability to manifest all sorts of miraculous results for its recipients. Seeming miracles become par for the course for experienced practitioners. So, if it can create miracles on a healing level, often way beyond the scope of understanding of modern science, why should it not be able to create miraculous manifestations on other levels of existence, as long as those manifestations line up with the highest needs of the practitioner? It does.

Reiki has the ability to heal on all levels of existence, not just those that concern the physical or the mental and emotional aspects of what it means to be a human being. It also works on the environmental aspects of that person’s life and experiences. If something is out of kilter within the circumstances of a person’s life, Reiki can and often does work on bringing ease and harmony to those facets of human existence too: including the manifestation of things that perhaps the recipient had not even conceived of as being needed in their life. Miracles happen.

And miracles are the stuff of the Law of Attraction. So how do we bring the system of Reiki into alignment with the Law of Attraction?

Manifesting abundance with Reiki involves the use of specific techniques and intentions to attract and amplify positive energy in our lives. Reiki has the ability to help us empower our lives in ways that simply believing that good things will happen, can’t match. Reiki is proof-positive that good things happen, on a regular basis, and often in ways that we couldn’t have foreseen.

I’ve put together a short course on the Insight Timer app that will let you into the secrets of how to manifest abundance in your life by aligning your Reiki practice with your goals. If you’d like to learn some techniques for working with Reiki and the Law of Attraction as an amazing combo, then check out the link here:

The course covers the basics of the Law of Attraction and Reiki and gives you everything you need to add Reiki energy to your manifestation toolkit.

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