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The Most Powerful Healing Technique

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Teachings from Tibetan Highest Yoga Tantra: Buddho. Monk sitting against background of yin yang symbol

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got tired of the endless claims on the internet about which is the most powerful healing technique. Is it Pranic Healing? Is it Reiki? Is it Vortex Healing? So many claims and so many different healing modalities out there and frankly, from my experience, all the hype, and the question itself, is total bullshit.

Because it’s not about which is the most powerful. That’s just ego. In reality, the question should be about whether the healing modality is a good fit for the healing required and whether it delivers the results. And if it does, that STILL doesn’t make it the most powerful. It makes it the appropriate intervention in that particular case.

And what does the concept of ‘most powerful’ even mean? This is ego on a rampage. ‘Power’ is a perceptual concept and is reliant on many variables and not all of them are related.

The system I know best is Reiki. I’ve been teaching it for 25 years and have written two books on the subject (you can find them here: Mindfulness Meditation & The Art of Reiki and Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion & Wisdom) and I think it’s a pretty powerful intervention for some people. For some, it’s a waste of their time and money, because other things serve them better. I don’t know about Pranic Healing. I know lots of ex-Pranic Healers who wouldn’t touch that system again with a barge pole. Why? I’ve no idea and it’s never interested me to find out. I also know nothing whatsoever about Vortex Healing or for that matter any other healing modality. Reiki is my thing and I’m happy to stick to that. It does what I need it to do for me personally as a spiritual development practice.

What I do know, from years of experience is that there is one system of healing and more importantly, spiritual development, that is significantly better and more powerful than Reiki. When I say, ‘more powerful’, I mean in terms of the specific mechanism of how the energy in Reiki works and it’s the antithesis of how energy works in all other energy healing methods (as far as I can tell). That system is called Buddho.

Buddho is the original esoteric Buddhist practice from which modern secular Reiki developed. When a practitioner works with Reiki, he or she is calling on the energy that manifests within the Buddho system. Reiki is just a conduit for Buddho. It makes sense then that Buddho without the mediating device of Reiki, is more powerful than when Reiki is the filter through which the energy passes.

I’ve taught Reiki to 1000-plus people over the years and probably Buddho to only a couple of hundred or so, but those who have taken Buddho training have all said that they prefer working with Buddho, rather than Reiki. Why? It gets results when Reiki doesn’t.

That’s not to say that Buddho is somehow better than Reiki. Each healing case requires its own specific form of intervention. Sometimes Reiki is the thing, sometimes Buddho. But regardless, Buddho does get to the root of the problem quicker, more decisively, and more powerfully. One of my students once said that Reiki starts out very gently and then goes on increasing until it becomes extremely powerful. It’s like there is a gentle flow to it as it builds and builds. They said that Buddho on the other hand, is like a flash of lightning; it’s full power instantly and very fast. This is true. This is how Buddho works.

I don’t know about other healing systems. The comparison between them and Reiki is pointless because they work on a different principle. It’s like comparing a plane to a helicopter. But Buddho and Reiki are of the same order. Buddho is before and after modern Reiki. It’s its origins and it’s the destination that Reiki leads to.

'In stillness be like the pine, in movement be like clouds and water' set against mountain backdrop

For me, working with either Reiki or Buddho is primarily about my own personal spiritual journey. I’m not a fan of practicing energy healing and avoid it whenever I can, passing potential clients on to my own students. I just find the practice boring, though I’m always delighted when someone finds that their problem is resolved or alleviated because of a treatment I’d given them. If I do find myself giving a Reiki treatment, I tend to blend Buddho techniques in with Reiki. The two systems are essentially one in any case, so there’s seamless compatibility. Moving in and out of Reiki/Buddho techniques in a state of flow is the best of energy healing it seems to me.

I think Reiki has a lot more potential than just energy healing though. And Buddho even more so. They both point in the same direction, but Buddho is the rocket booster that Reiki lacks.

Buddho is a method straight out of Highest Yoga Tantra of Tibet (the Reiki fundamentalists will of course repeat their tired mantra that ‘everything Reiki comes from Japan’. No, it doesn’t and Buddho is the proof of that). It’s an expression of Mantrayana and thus an amazing tool of personal liberation. This is the system that Usui (the founder of the system of Reiki) accessed in formulating his contemporary understanding which we know of as Reiki.

If you haven’t learned Buddho, I suggest you do. You’ll need to find yourself a teacher of Reiki Jin Kei Do because the Buddho teachings are held exclusively within that tradition. Or you could just go straight to my courses page and check out whether I’m running any Buddho classes soon. You can find it here: Courses.

Buddho is a system however that is for the committed and serious spiritual seeker. It requires dedication and practice of the teachings.

If you want to know what the most powerful healing technique is, then it has to be Buddho. The Highest Yoga Tantric practices of Tibet, pretty much top everything else, especially Western New Age methods.

Click the link to find out more about Buddho, and the history of Buddho .

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