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Relaxing Massage

Increasingly Reiki is being accepted around the world as an effective holistic therapy that can be used alongside other treatments to enhance the body's own healing mechanisms.

"There is a significant body of evidence which suggests Reiki’s positive effects for the relief of stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, chronic and acute pain, especially among staff with burnout syndrome.  By helping to promote relaxation and improve sleep, Reiki may help to boost the immune system." Reiki Medic-Care




Reiki is being seen more and more as a powerful method of healing that is gaining acceptance around the world. Although there is still little scientific evidence for the benefits of Reiki, widespread anecdotal evidence is indicating that regardless of the science, people are, in their millions gaining significant health benefits from the application of Reiki in their lives.

It’s common for recipients to report feelings of relaxation and warmth and a sense of emotional uplift after receiving Reiki. The more they receive Reiki, the more they experience longer lasting periods of relaxation and calmness in their lives. Sometimes old problems, never fully dealt with can resurface to be finally swept away. These could be of a physical or mental/emotional nature.

•    Helps to address issues related to sleep deprivation.
•    It calms the mind and the body.
•    Helps to reduce and manage stress.
•    It can have an energising effect on the body.
•    Removes toxins from the body by boosting the body’s own healing mechanisms.
•    Reduces aches and pains and is an effective treatment for chronic pain and acute pain.
•    Helps with quicker healing after injury or surgery.
•    Boosts the immune system.
•    Improves digestion and helps to resolve problems related to the digestive process.
•    Helps to treat infertility.
•    An effective management method in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
•    Helps with the management of psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.
•    Is effective in improving the mental outlook and state of mind of those receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy and kidney dialysis.


One of the benefits of Reiki is that it can be used on those who are in significant pain and are unable to be touched or to tolerate touch. Other research has shown that Reiki treatments decrease anxiety and pain, reduce fatigue and improve quality of life and reduced depressive episodes during such medical treatments as colonoscopy, abdominal hysterectomy and a variety of cancer treatments.

There is a growing belief that Reiki may be a significant factor in the activation of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which is linked to stress levels within the body.


“Wardell and Engebretson measured the biological effects of Reiki on the ANS and found significant reduction of anxiety and systolic blood pressure, and a significant increase in salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels.”

Studies have shown that healthcare professionals suffering from Burnout Syndrome (BS) experienced significant relaxation responses and a lowering of blood pressure combined with an enhanced secretion of the protective antibody IgA following Reiki treatments.


At St George’s hospital in South West London, Reiki has been incorporated into the hospital regime so that treatments can be prescribed by doctors with the results being written up in the patient notes. At St George’s, Reiki is being used to treat very sick children and adults through the Connecting Reiki with Medicine project.

The project intends to look at how Reiki can support sickle cell and palliative care patients. Training for the Reiki practitioners is also taking place to bring Reiki into the bone marrow and transplant wards. 

The evidence for Reiki is still growing but is already indicating that something important and beneficial is happening in the relationship between practitioner, energy and client during a Reiki treatment.

By learning Reiki you can bring these benefits to friends and relatives and on completion of the 2nd Level of training, offer Reiki in professional healthcare settings. 

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