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The most important reason for learning Reiki is to improve your own life; to improve your health and to improve your sense of well-being. Giving yourself a Reiki self-treatment on a daily basis is one important and powerful way of ensuring that you achieve and maintain a state of healthy balance and harmony.

When we hurt ourselves, we instinctively reach out and cover the painful area with our hands. We do this also when someone else is suffering. We use our hands to bring comfort and to ease pain for ourselves and others. This is an ancient and instinctive response. Reiki builds on this and amplifies the effect. 

Reiki is useful when you wish to restore your body/mind to a state of harmony when you are suffering from an illness or a mental or emotional problem. The application of daily Reiki can help to reduce or eliminate pain, restore calmness to the mental processes and bring back balance. It is also good for balancing and strengthening and the immune system and the nervous system.

To practice Reiki, you don’t need any special aids or devices and it is always with you, wherever you are, flowing freely and abundantly to all parts of the body/mind complex.

As a self-healing discipline, Reiki should be intuitive rather than prescriptive. It's important to flow with the energy and follow your own inner promptings rather than stick to a prescribed set of hand positions. 




  • It can be used to assist the body in cleansing itself of toxins and boosting the immune system.​

  • It can improve your sleep, some people suffering from insomnia have found immediate relief from their condition with the application of self-Reiki.

  • It helps to relieve physical pain and supports the body’s own natural healing abilities.

  • It promotes a state of deep relaxation in which the body’s natural healing mechanisms can work at optimum capacity.

  • It creates a state of deep relaxation and helps the body to release stress and tension.

  • It can help to clear the mind and improves mental focus and attention span.

  • It has been shown to help recovery from surgery and manage the symptoms associated with cancer.

  • It can help to lower blood pressure.

  • It dissolves energy blocks and can promote a sense of balance, peace and harmony.

  • It can be used alongside all other medical interventions and other complementary therapies.

Reiki is generally known for its benefits as a holistic therapy in treating others and many people now work as professional Reiki practitioners within health care settings or as independent practitioners.

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