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Join us every week for this special online Buddho Meditation, practicing the first three cycles of this powerful esoteric Buddhist meditation.

You must have taken training in Buddho to participate.

This is the meditation that Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, practised on Mt Kurama near Kyoto, Japan, that led to his enlightenment experience and changed the face of Reiki for ever.


1/ The repetition of the mantras has a deeply calming effect on the mind.

2/ As it relates to the Power Symbol in Reiki, it has the highest vibrational energy available.

3/ The energy of Buddho has a deeply penetrative power, helping to bring to awareness deeply rooted energetic patterns that contribute to imbalances of the mind and body.

4/ Develops the mind’s ability to reach a deeply absorptive state.

5/ Through using the associated seed syllables, the mind accesses specific vibrations of the universal energy field that are compatible with the chakras, bringing stability and balance to these levels of being. Energy is transmuted through the seed syllables.

6/ By balancing and harmonising the chakras, the mind is further enabled to reach a deep absorptive state, allowing for old patterns of conditioning to surface.

7/ Through the use of seed syllables and mantra, body, speech, and mind are purified leading to a potential realisation of the true nature of the universe and oneself.

8/ Through entering deep meditative states, the practitioner can see the pure nature of the mind and body.


Check out this blog post here for more on Usui's enlightenment experience

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