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Art & Mindfulness: A Creative Journey Through Ancient Egypt

Join me on a transformational journey of creativity and self-discovery on my Art and Mindfulness Retreat set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of ancient Egypt.

Welcome to this Art and Mindfulness retreat, where creativity, travel, and mindful awareness converge in a life-changing experience. My mission is to help you achieve your artistic goals and discover the profound stillness within, whilst exploring some of the wonders of ancient Egypt, from the pyramids at Giza to the charms of the Nile River and the temples and islands of Upper Egypt between Aswan and Luxor.

Next Date: 27th May - 6th June 2024

Why Choose the Egypt Art & Mindfulness Retreat? 

Woman meditating in front of the Sphinx in Egypt

  • Staying in super accommodation in the ancient city of Thebes, modern-day Luxor, we visit Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple.

  • Visit the Temple of Hathor at Dendara before returning to Cairo and a visit to Coptic Cairo.

  • Join an international and supportive community.

  • World-class mentoring and training from an experienced and internationally known coach and trainer.

  • Guided meditation and drawing activities to develop your awareness, presence, and artistic abilities.

  • Healthy and nutritious meals for all types of diets.

  • Lots of sunshine!

  • Plenty of downtime and opportunities to explore the various locations we find ourselves in.

  • Optional add-on of four nights out in the desert at Siwa Oasis to visit the Mountain of the Dead, the old fortress of Shali, and the ruins of the Amun Temple where Alexander the Great was crowned Pharaoh.

  • A visit to the Siwa Salt Lake and bathing in its healing waters.

  • An opportunity to continue your artistic development and learn some powerful esoteric meditation techniques to aid you on your meditation journey.

  • Staying in luxurious accommodation, immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this amazing country.

  • A perfect retreat for everyone, regardless of previous experience, skills, or fitness levels.

  • Visit the pyramids and sphinx on the Giza plateau just outside Cairo. The last of the ancient 7 Wonders of the World.

  • Stay in a traditional Nubian style island hotel at Aswan and discover the Nubian culture, traditions, food, clothes, and lifestyle.

  • Visit the Temple of Philae before taking a cruise on the Nile between Aswan and Luxor, stopping off at the Temple of Kom Ombo and the Temple of Edfu, whist soaking up the unique ambience and stillness deep in the south of Egypt. Visit to the Valley of the Kings and the Tomb of Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut Temple and the Colissi of Memnon prior to disembarking.

Woman meditating in an ancient Egyptian temple

Training & Activities

Morning Mindfulness

Woman meditating on a path between palm trees

Trip itinerary permitting, start each day with a guided meditation.

Tutored Drawing Sessions

Someone being tutored in how to draw

Expert guidance on getting started or developing your artistic skills by Steve Gooch, an experienced professional artist and arts educator.

Guided Mindfulness Training

Students being trained in mindfulness meditation

Learn and develop confidence in mindfulness meditation and start reaping the benefits of regular practice. Led by Steve Gooch, an accredited Breathworks instructor.

Visits to Ancient Temples

Visitors to a temple in Egypt

Explore (and draw!) the ancient Temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu, Hathor, Luxor, and Karnak during the cruise and during our time in Luxor.

Cruising the Nile in Upper Egypt

Village on the banks of the river Nile

Spend 3 nights on a 5-star cruise ship as we sail the waters of the Nile between Aswan and Luxor enjoying the serenity of the river lost in time.

Visit to the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

Visitors to the pyramids in Egypt

No trip to Egypt would be complete without a trip to the last of the 7 Wonders of the World: The pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx and at the end of the trip a visit to Coptic Cairo.

Art & Mindful Awareness

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, this retreat will provide you with the opportunity to develop your expressive skills through a variety of focused drawing activities. As well as dedicated time with expert tuition to guide you in ways of seeing, mark-making and confidence building, you will be encouraged to take your sketchbook with you to the various historical sites that we will visit to make on-the-spot sketches for use later in developing more developed works of art.

You will also have opportunities to develop your mindfulness skills through guided sessions and tuition on how this affects the mind and what that means for an engagement with artistic activity. We’ll be looking at how artistic expression and mindful awareness come together to create a state of flow, which you can take into your everyday life.

This unique 10-day experience seamlessly combines the serenity of mindfulness practices with the creative outlet of artistic expression.

You’ll be encouraged to bring mindful awareness directly into your creative endeavours and to establish a state of immersive flow as you engage in the various drawing activities. Materials for drawing will be provided but if there are any special materials that you wish to work with, you are encouraged to bring them with you.

Artist drawing the Great pyramid of Giza
Artist studying his drawing at the Great pyramid at Giza
A man sitting on the sand at the Great pyramid of Giza, drawing

Most days of the retreat offer a balance between guided drawing sessions and mindfulness workshops. Engage in guided meditation amidst the tranquillity of the desert, finding inspiration in the silence that has embraced these ancient sites for centuries. In the heart of Luxor, let the vibrant colours of the bustling bazaars invigorate your senses, providing the perfect subjects for your artistic output.

Guided by Steve Gooch, an experienced artist and arts educator, and mindfulness expert, you will get to refine your drawing skills and move into a state of flow as you learn to channel your creativity through focused and calming mindfulness practices. Steve has lived in Egypt for most of the last twenty years, running art and self-development workshops and training.

Whether you're a seasoned artist looking for new perspectives or a beginner eager to unlock your creative potential, this retreat offers an unforgettable fusion of artistic growth, inner reflection, and cultural immersion.

Where Will You Be Staying?

Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel or Hayatt Regency Cairo West

The perfect balance of luxury and location, whether at the Steigenberger or the Hyatt Regency. Both hotels are on the doorstep of the pyramids, and we will stay for two nights as we start our trip.

Both hotel options are within easy reach of the Giza plateau and the pyramids and are fully equipped with outdoor pools, and high-end hospitality facilities for you to enjoy. Comfortable single and double rooms are available as required for you to relax.

*Should there be any problems securing rooms at the Steigenberger or Hayatt hotels, alternative arrangements will be made of a similar standard.

Artika Wadi Kiki Hotel

On arrival in Aswan, we will be staying at the Artika Wadi Kiki Hotel. A beachfront hotel with free Wi-Fi and all necessary amenities included. Excellent food is provided with local specialties available.

The hotel provides a taste of authentic Nubian life, boasting a garden and views of the river dotted with feluccas. The hotel boasts two restaurants, 2 bars, and plenty of comfortable seating for our retreat activities. Single and double rooms are available as required.

*Should there be any problems securing rooms at the Artiki Wadi Kiki Hotel, alternative arrangements will be made of a similar standard.

Farah Nile Cruise

The Farah Cruise Ship is one of the most elite cruise ships in Egypt. A luxurious and modern ship, beautiful cabins with Nile views, fine dining in the restaurant, and relaxation in the Lounge Bar. True luxury and exceptional service.

We will be aboard the ship for 3 nights, traversing the Nile between Aswan and Luxor as we glide past riverbank villages that have changed little since Pharaonic times. Enjoy the sundeck and pool. Comfortable single and double rooms are available as required.

*Should there be any problems securing births on the Farah Nile Cruise Ship, alternative arrangements will be made of a similar standard.

Steigenberger Nile Palace Luxor Hotel

In the heart of the historic city of Luxor, The Steigenberger Palace Hotel brings you the ultimate feeling of elegance and style. Incomparable views of the Nile from many rooms with easy access to the historic sites of Luxor.

A real taste of luxury and a swimming pool you’ll find it hard to tear yourself away from. Watch the boats on the Nile from the poolside bar or take a 15 minute walk to Luxor Temple and the Valley of the Kings is only a cab ride away. Single or double rooms are available as required.