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Breathworks is one of the world's lead bodies in the health application of mindfulness meditation. 

Om Ah Hum provides training in the Breathworks approach through their Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses.

The 8-week Mindfulness for Health course includes scientifically proven methods for managing pain. Mindful awareness and the cultivation of compassion techniques are developed to enhance one’s quality of life.

Meditating in Park
Guided Meditation

The 8-week Mindfulness for Stress course will provide you with the foundational skills of mindfulness meditation and compassion and teach you how to apply them in your own life. This course can make a profound difference to how you engage with your life.

The Breathworks approach is based on the development of compassionate awareness. This allows for a fundamental transformation of our relationship to all aspects of our lives, which includes those difficult experiences that manifest as physical ill-health or pain as well as emotional states such as stress and worry.

Taking a Breathworks course can help you:

  • improve the quality of your breathing

  • be able to consciously relax more easily

  • manage your thoughts and feelings

  • move with mindful awareness

  • acknowledge and accept the difficulties of life with kindness and compassion

  • empower you to make positive and creative changes in your life

  • appreciate all that life presents you with

  • improve relationships

  • take control of your life instead of being a victim of it

  • manage your day-to-day activities more constructively.

You can check out some of the research evidence behind the Mindfulness for Health course on our Science of Mindfulness page.


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