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What if you could embrace the transformative power of deep, inner stillness and your innate creativity to guide you on your life’s journey?

Art & Mindfulness Retreats

The triple lock to emotional and creative freedom: 
Deep meditative practices, artistic engagement, and transformative coaching in stunning locations around the world.

Develop and enhance a mindfulness practice alongside a chance to explore and build your artistic potential.

These deep dive retreats will help you feel calmer, have more clarity, and a greater sense of confidence and ease in your life: less stress, less anxiety, less overwhelm, and release from debilitating depression.

Through working with mindfulness in tandem with the natural creative abilities you were born with, you can develop a life of greater focus and clearer vision.

Turbo-charge a creative mindset!

Develop your artistic abilities in tandem with your innate state of inner stillness, to build a life-enhancing engagement with creativity that will bring joy to all aspects of your life.

Steve Gooch standing in front of the Sphinx at Giza in Egypt

For those who wish to take their meditation to the next level, esoteric Buddhist empowerments can also be given with instructions for powerful meditation practices.

Embrace the transformative power of art and mindfulness, allowing it to guide you on a creative life journey.

Book a free call to discuss your needs. Bespoke programmes, retreats, and workshops built around your specific goals. Online and face-to-face trainings, workshops, and retreats in the UK and elsewhere.

'Art is a harmony, parallel with nature' - Paul Cezanne

What happens on a retreat?

On A Sunny Day 1998 by Steve Gooch

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, attending an Art & Mindfulness retreat will provide you with the opportunity to develop your creative skills through a variety of drawing, painting, and sculptural activities under expert guidance. You'll be taught how to flow into creativity and rid yourself of the false narratives that are holding your abilities back.


These activities will take place alongside instruction in mindfulness meditation with an emphasis on helping you establish a solid practice that you can take into your life once the retreat is finished. Mindful movement through walking meditation and simple qigong forms is used to develop mindfulness off the cushion and into daily life.


We'll also explore the neuroscience behind both art and mindfulness practices to deepen your understanding of how your brain is positively impacted by them.


A fusion of art, science, well-being, and spirituality.


Some of the benefits:

Develop a clear vision for both your art and mindfulness practices. Get creatively unstuck and nail the false stories about not having artistic ability. Nail the false narrative that goes ‘I can’t meditate because I can’t stop my mind from thinking.’ Tame your inner critic. Boost your enthusiasm for your life and your work. De-stress. Eliminate anxiety. Resolve depression. Boost clarity, calmness, inner peace, and enjoyment of life. And you get to see some amazing locations around the world!

Discover the perfect retreat for you:

New weekly LIVE class:


Join me for a live online weekly dive into Art and Meditation! It’s going to be a lot of fun and help to balance your physical and mental health.

One hour of guided meditation followed by an hour of focused art activity. Learn how to use an art journal, and develop your drawing skills, and colour application. Built around 5-week thematic blocks, the meditation and art activities will take you into a place of flow, presence, and serenity.

Taking up an art practice triggers the release of the same ‘feel good’ hormones as a daily mindfulness practice. Put the two practices together and you’re on your way to turbo-charging your health and bringing a much greater sense of peace and tranquility into your daily life.

Today, mental health is declining faster than the rise of physical problems with over 1 billion people in the world suffering from some form of mental illness.

​Taking up an art practice can dramatically improve on your mental health.

Woman sitting in meditation, splattered with paint

Workshops & Courses

Drawing, Painting and Sculpture

Woman holding her painting

An exciting range of online and face-to-face opportunities to develop your creativity. Whether that's drawing, painting, or sculpture. Develop your mindfulness practice at the same time!

Woman sitting in meditation in a forest

Learn and develop confidence in mindfulness meditation and meditations from Vajrayana Buddhism and start reaping the benefits of regular practice. Learn more.

Woman sitting in meditation

From the heart of Highest Yoga Tantra of Tibet; a unique training in tantric meditation, Buddhist Qigong and energy point healing methods. Learn more.

Reiki Jin Kei Do

Woman recieving a Reiki treatment

Reiki is a healing and spiritual development practice, designed to gently encourage your body and mind back to a state of peace and harmony. Using subtle energy, mantra and yantra meditations and esoteric energy empowerments to transform your life. Learn more.

Manifesting Abundance with Reiki

Beautiful beach with palm tree and setting sun

Combining techniques from the practice of Reiki and the Law of Attraction. Reiki IS the Universal Energy Field at the heart of the Law of Attraction.

Explore upcoming courses and workshops:

Asmaa El-Habashi

I am forever grateful to have Steve as my teacher and mentor; his wisdom, depth of knowledge, kindness, and generosity make learning with him a priceless experience. His courses and mentoring have changed my life. 

Pick up a Copy of my Latest Book


The Definitive Guide to Mindfulness and Reiki

If you want to understand the spiritual core of this powerful personal development system, you need this book.

Reiki is not just a New-Age energy therapy. It's a powerful method of personal realisation based on esoteric Buddhist teachings and principles. 

In this book, I unpack the esoteric heart of one of the world's most powerful spiritual and personal development systems. The book links the essential modern teachings of the system to the originating practices from Tibetan Highest Yoga Tantra. 

Mindfulness Meditation & The Art of Reiki

Available in hardcopy and digital formats. Order your copy here: 

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Also available from all good booksellers.

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