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Do you feel disconnected from your true potential? Are you fed up with life giving you the short straw? Are your dreams going nowhere?
Take a deep breath. Pause, and schedule a call. Hit the button below.



I am forever grateful to have Steve as my teacher and mentor; his wisdom, depth of knowledge, kindness, and generosity make learning with him a priceless experience. His courses have changed my life. 

Asmaa El-Habashi

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If you thought Reiki was just a New-Age energy therapy, think again. 

This book unpacks the esoteric heart of one of the world's most powerful spiritual and personal development systems. 

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Without a doubt it has been the most intense and powerful experience of my life. I have been able to feel a great calmness inside me. To be able to enjoy Steve's teachings is a wonderful experience.

Patricia Albert Chirivella

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Why wouldn't you AMPLIFY your life?

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