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Reiki Treatment


Reiki Jin Kei Do means the way of compassion and wisdom through Reiki. It is a profound and unique system of spiritual development and healing based on the application of universal energy or ‘Reiki’ both in a hands-on healing and meditative context. 


Reiki is widely known as an effective and simple hands-on energy healing discipline. At its higher levels within Reiki Jin Kei Do, sophisticated techniques such as working on marma points and utilising point pulse can be employed, which are not well known, if at all, in other forms of this healing method.



At its core, however, Reiki Jin Kei Do emphasizes the development of compassion and wisdom through the practice of mindfulness meditation or Vipassana as a powerful personal development tool. Mindfulness is at the heart of the Reiki method and frames all other practices within the system.

Increasingly Reiki is to be found in mainstream healthcare settings in various countries.

Reiki has many benefits as a healing method when used in the context of self healing and when used as a holistic therapy to help others who are suffering.


It's important to recognise, however, that Reiki isn't and never was just a simple energy-healing discipline. The method was designed as a personal spiritual development practice and only much later in the system's evolution was energy-healing added to it. Meditation has always been central and core to the practice of Reiki. 

At the heart of the Reiki Jin Kei Do method is a meditation called Buddho, which is the central meditation within a practice that led to the development of modern secular Reiki.

A simplified form of this meditation is taught in Reiki Level 1 along with other mindfulness meditation methods, including basic Qi Gong training, and like all practices within Reiki Jin Kei Do is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the system as a healing method and as an aid in the practitioners own spiritual development: leading them to a realisation of their own true nature. As we progress towards this goal we are much more able to bring healing to others in the light of our growing understanding of the true nature of suffering.

Image by Erik Brolin

When we correctly develop our wisdom minds through the application of Reiki and meditation, compassion arises as a spontaneous outpouring. It is this outpouring of compassion that we strive to achieve in our practice.

As a simple hands-on healing method, Reiki is routinely used as a method for strengthening the immune system, reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and balances mental and emotional wellbeing, amongst many other physical and psychological conditions.

Reiki Jin Kei Do contains a depth of knowledge and understanding of the system that is not present within other traditions of this unique spiritual development and healing method.

It is built on ancient teachings and techniques that were passed on by a Buddhist monk named Seiji Takamori in the early 1990s. Those teachings and techniques have given depth to the tradition that is lacking in other expressions of the Reiki system.​ Those ancient teachings are offered to students once they have completed Reiki Jin Kei Do Level 2. You can find out more about them here.

Working with Reiki as a holistic therapy to benefit others who are suffering can be a very rewarding experience for the practitioner. We can give you the professional training you need to work as a qualified Reiki practitioner.

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